Best of Show

Finovate is known for curating innovative technology showcases. Our unique application process and principles mean every demo on the Finovate stage is worthy of your attention; yet there are some demos that have a way of creating a special connection with the audience. And it’s our audience of financial institutions, credit unions, SMBs and fintech experts who vote for their top demos and highly-coveted Best of Show awards.

Some of the most recognizable names in fintech and tech debuted at Finovate and took home this honor. These are companies that grew into magical unicorns, were acquired in game-changing deals, raised jaw-dropping funding rounds, and more. For details on these deals, visit our blog.

How is Best of Show determined?

Best of Show is awarded at each Finovate event to the best demos as voted by the audience. Attendees vote each day for the best technology among that day’s roster (demo companies and their guests’ votes do not count). Demos with the highest percentage of total votes win.

What’s the significance of Best of Show?

The winning demos represent the most current and interesting developments in fintech, but they also show where the audience’s priorities lie at any given moment. By tracking the content of the winners, you can see how the industry has evolved over the years, and where the most pressing problems have been for the bankers, financial institutions and investors who make up our voting bloc.

What do the winners get?

Winning Best of Show can serve as a major springboard for a company – many of the winners have gone on to do amazing things since appearing on our stage, and a lot of them cite the trophy they won at Finovate as a real turning point in their company trajectory.

Winners receive recognition on Finovate’s blog, e-magazine, and social media channels, dedicated podcast episode with Greg Palmer, VP of Strategy, and sparkling trophy for their (home) office.

Who’s on the list of winners?

Take a look at the videos below to see some of the winning demos from previous years. And don’t forget to check out all of the demo videos at too!

Catch up with the 2023 winners so far on the Finovate podcast!

Fall 2023 (New York): Chimney, Debbie,, Mahalo Banking, Trust & Will, Wysh

Spring 2023 (San Francisco): 1Kosmos, 9Spokes, Flybits, QuickFi, SAVVI AI, Wink.

Europe 2023 (London): 10x Banking, FinTech Insights by Scientia, NayaOne, TAZI AI, Your Juno.

Fall 2022 (New York): Debbie, Horizn, LemonadeLXP, Quilo, Stratyfy, Themis. Check in with the winners on Greg’s podcast.

Spring 2022 (San Francisco): Array, FinGoal, Horizn, Keep Financial Technologies, QuickFi, Spave. See their video interviews.

Europe 2022 (London): Dreams, Finshape, mmob, SESAMm, Trulioo. Check out video interviews of the winners.

Fall 2021 (New York): Array, Autobooks, Bambu, Dreams, Horizn, Infocorp, Long Game, Ocrolus, PwC

Spring 2021 (Digital): Dreams, Glia, Signal Intent

Europe 2021 (Digital): Dbilia, Proptee, Quantum Metric

Fall 2020 (Digital): Finzly, Horizn, Lendsmart, Monit, Q2

Spring/West 2020 (Digital): Breach Clarity, Finzly, Glia,, Zeta

Europe 2020 (Berlin): Dorsum, Glia, Horizn, iProov, Sonect, W.UP

MiddleEast 2019 (Dubai): Amber, efigence

Asia 2019 (Singapore): Bereev, The WAAY

Fall 2019 (New York): BlytzPay, Cinchy, College Aid Pro, ebankIT, Glia, MX,, Pinkaloo, Zogo Finance

Spring 2019 (San Francisco): Arkose Labs, BlueRush, BlytzPay, Everplans, Glia, Invest Sou Sou (now Wellthi), Neener Analytics,

Europe 2019 (London): CREALOGIX, Dorsum, Glia, iProov, Launchfire, PayKey,, W.UP

Africa 2018 (Cape Town): Bambu, OUTvest

Asia 2018 (Hong Kong): Arival, Avaloq,

Fall 2018 (New York): Banzai, BOND.AI, Bumped, Golden, Meniga

Spring 2018 (Santa Clara): Alpharank,, Dynamics, Kasasa, Trusona

Europe 2018 (London): Backbase, Be-IQ, CREALOGIX, iProov, Meniga, Microblink, W.UP

MiddleEast 2018 (Dubai): APPICS, Electronic IDentification, Ondot Systems

Asia 2017 (Hong Kong): Aapay, Bambu, OCR Labs, YUKKA Lab

Fall 2017 (New York): Envestnet | Yodlee, FINN AI, Jiffee (by Neontri), Sensibill, Spycloud, Sustainably, Voleo

Spring 2017 (San Jose): Alpharank, Capitalise, Hedgeable, Microblink, Neener Analytics, Salemove (now Glia), SpeechPro, Unison

Europe 2017 (London): Backbase, CREALOGIX, Dorsum, eToro, Memento, Salemove (now Glia), Tink

Asia 2016 (Hong Kong): Alpha Payments Cloud (now Alpha Fintech), Dynamics, EyeVerify, FINN AI

Fall 2016 (New York): AutoGravity, Backbase, Clinc, MX, Swych, Trusona

Spring 2016 (San Jose): BanQu, LendingRobot, PayActiv, Quid (now Netbase Quid), Salemove (now Glia), Silver6

Europe 2016 (London): Capitalise, DriveWealth, EyeVerify, IDscan Biometrics, SwipeStox (now NAGA), Valuto (now Walutomat)

Fall 2015 (New York):, Dyme, Dynamics, FINANTEQ, Hedgeable, HelloWallet, Salemove (now Glia), Soundpays

Spring 2015 (San Jose): Alpha Payments Cloud (now Alpha Fintech), Avoka, MoneyAmigo, Moven, NAMU Systems, Shoeboxed, Stratos

Europe 2015 (London): Avoka, CoinJar, ebankIT, eToro, Jumio, mBank & i3D, Meniga

Fall 2014 (New York): Anchor ID, blooom, Crowdflower, Loyal3, MoneyDesktop (now MX), NICE, Toopher

Spring 2014 (San Jose): EyeVerify, Interactions, Loop, Motif Investing, Ondot Systems, PrivatBank, SaveUp, Stockpile

Europe 2014 (London): Backbase, BehavioSec, Dynamics, ETRONIKA, Luxoft, Misys (now Finastra), Momentum (FKA YourWealth), Tink, Toshl Finance,

Asia 2013 (Singapore): BehavioSec, Kofax, Yodlee (now Envestnet Yodlee)

Fall 2013 (New York): Interactions, LearnVest, mBank & Accenture, Mitek Systems, MoneyDesktop (now MX), Motif Investing, TipRanks, Yodlee (now Envestnet Yodlee)

Spring 2013 (San Francisco): FamZoo, LendUp, MoneyDesktop (now MX), PayNearMe, TipRanks

Europe 2013 (London): Crédit Agricole, ETRONIKA, mBank, Meniga, Moven, Pockets United, SumUp, Virtual Piggy (now REGO Payments)

Asia 2012 (Singapore): CurrencyFair, Finantix, SocietyOne, UBank

Fall 2012 (New York): Credit Sesame, Dashlane, Dynamics, eToro, LearnVest, MoneyDesktop (now MX), PayTap, ShopKeep POS

Spring 2012 (San Francisco): BehavioSec, BillGuard, Dwolla, iQuantifi, MoneyDesktop (now MX), Personal Capital, SoMoLend

Europe 2012 (London): Cardlytics, Dynamics, eToro, Nutmeg

Fall 2011 (New York): Dynamics, eToro, FamZoo, FeeFighters, LearnVest, Offermatic, oFlows, Personal Capital

Spring 2011 (San Francisco): BancVue (now Kasasa), BankOns, Dwolla, Mitek Systems, oFlows, PayNearMe, Wikinvest (now SigFig)

Europe 2011 (London): eToro, Finantix, Liqpay, Meniga

Fall 2010 (New York): Betterment, Billshrink, Bundle, Dynamics, oFlows, PayNearMe, SecureKey

Spring 2010 (San Francisco): Bobber Interactive, Expensify, oFlows, Wikinvest (now SigFig)

Fall 2009 (New York): BancVue (now Kasasa),, Intuit, Silver Tail Systems, Yodlee (now Envestnet Yodlee)

Spring 2009 (San Francisco): Billshrink, Prosper, Silver Tail Systems, SimpliFi

Fall 2008 (New York): CheckFree, Credit Karma, Mint, moneyaisle (by Neosaej)

Spring 2008 (San Francisco): First ROI, Jwaala, Zecco, Zopa

Fall 2007 (New York): Mint, Mortgagebot, Prosper