Fresh Off the Stage: The Finovate Demo Experience

Fresh Off the Stage: The Finovate Demo Experience

FinovateFall returned to America’s financial capital last month, and was able to put the live demos back on the main stage. Over 75 companies took their chance to present their latest innovations to the audience, competing for the coveted Best of Show awards (find out who took home the hardware here).

The demo timer runs down quickly with only 7-minutes on the clock, so we sat down with several demoing companies to hear a little more about their origin story, overcoming the challenges of the past year and their experience as a Finovate demoer. Check out the conversations below!

Marc Corbett, Senior Solutions Engineer, Backbase

Ryan Ruff, Head of Fintech Relationships, ASA Technology

Bolun Li, Founder & CEO, Zogo Finance

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First Demo Wave for FinovateFall 2021 Announced!

First Demo Wave for FinovateFall 2021 Announced!

In celebration of Finovate’s return to physical events this September, we’re maxing out the FinovateFall 2021 agenda with demos. Experience the electricity of dozens of fast-paced, 7-minute demos, one after the other, across two days.

Many of the businesses you’ll see on stage were busier than ever during the pandemic and have new expansions to announce, while others used the downtime to add to their product offerings. New founders survived the pandemic and even launched during it. You’ll see all of them this September.

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