The FinovateSpring eMagazine

The FinovateSpring eMagazine

It’s hard to believe that we’ve now done a full calendar year of digital events! FinovateSpring was our fifth completely digital event, and while we’re excited about the return to in-person events later this year, it’s already clear that things aren’t going to return to the same “normal” that existed in 2019.

This same pattern holds for the larger banking ecosystem as well. It’s clear that we are entering a new, substantially more digital era in finance and banking. Customer behavior has changed forever (and so have customer expectations), and it’s not going to change back.

Over the past year, the industry has (understandably) been focused on dealing with immediate challenges, but now it’s time to start looking at fintech more broadly again. We’re a long way from a new status quo and things are going to keep moving quickly. It’s up to all of us to decide if we’re willing to move quickly too.

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  • Insight from our resident analysts on the top trends from the event and beyond
  • Thought leadership from Headline Sponsor, InterSystems
  • The Best of Show demos videos
  • Expert opinion on machine learning, tapping into the female financial market and much more…

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Finovate eMagazine: Fraud Prevention, Cybersecurity and Regtech

Finovate eMagazine: Fraud Prevention, Cybersecurity and Regtech

We close out 2019 with a deep dive into fraud prevention, cybersecurity, and regtech, as well as unique insights from FinovateAsia and Middle East. This quarter’s eMagazine includes insights into the micro-trends set to emerge in 2020, and interviews with some of the Finovate Awards winners about their innovations.


  • Tim Ayling, buguroo
  • Wendy Jephson, Nasdaq
  • Brett King, Moven 
  • Clara Durodie, Cognitive Finance Group
  • Jason Davies and Rebecca Engelber, Flybits
  • Chis McLaughlin, Nuxeo
  • Tim Nelms, Crawford Technologies
  • Matt Keil, Cequence 
  • Alissa Knight, Aite Group
  • Wai Lum Kwok, Abu Dhabi Global Market

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Finovate eMagazine: Going the Extra Mile

Finovate eMagazine: Going the Extra Mile

The focus on the customer and their experiences has dominated the conversation within financial services over the past few years, but seems to have become especially pertinent in 2019. In our latest eMagazine, we examine the fintechs and institutions leading the way with excellent service and products that delight customers, both locally and globally.

This eMagazine features exclusive session recordings from the stage of FinovateFall– including insight and analysis on APIs, consumer lending platforms, and content and communication management. Over the course of reading you’ll find new ways of thinking about becoming truly customer-centric.

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