FinDEVr 2021 / ecolytiq

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How they describe themselves: ecolytiq’s Sustainability-as-a-Service® calculates personal environmental impacts, such as CO2 values, based on payment transactions. ecolytiq also provides a library providing content and valuable background information on individual environmental impacts. ecolytiq aims to empower consumers to reduce their own impact in the long term. To this end, ecolytiq not only provides the appropriate content, but also offers suitable CO2 compensation offers from selected and certified organizations, which are available via their own marketplace.

TECHTalk: Data for Sustainability

ecolytiq will show how ecolytiq’s Sustainability-as-a-ServiceⓇ works with financial institutions, individuals, and public organizations to boost sustainability using information in everyday context. Most important for sustainable living is availability of relevant information at the right time. We integrate facts for your own purpose, your next decision. By merging context information, we enable focusing on impact instead of datasets. We show how an open knowledge graph and streaming technology keep our data up to date.

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